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Milano Milano

How it works

Your next tattoo might be just around the corner!

  • FIND the tattoo studios nearest you as well as by location selector.Open or Close

    Tattoo Life Map geolocalises the tattoo shops nearest you. If there happen to be none it will automatically suggest alternatives in Milan, the city with the highest concentration of tattoo shops and artists.

    You can also search the shops in other cities or countries by simply using the MULTICITY HEADER SELECTOR. A special section is dedicated to the most popular shops: take a look at the tattoo shop with most clicks on the site!

    How It Works Multicity Selector
  • SEARCH among hundreds of shops and tattoo artists.Open or Close

    Tattoo Life Map has catalogued hundreds of tattoo shops in a multitude of cities all over Italy, Spain, Germany, France and UK. The number of tattoo studios involved in the project is growing all the time and our goal is to use the map to cover as many areas and countries as possible.

    Using the ADVANCED SEARCH function you can find tattoo shops and artists wherever interests you most.

    How It Works Advanced Search
  • CONTACT the shops for information and appointments.Open or Close

    Click on the page of the shop that interests you and visualise all the details: address and phone number, website, email and any social networks they’re on. But that’s not all: there’s a gallery of photos to present their major pieces chosen by the artists who work there!

    If you are not happy with the page you’re looking at, continue your search, change the criteria, even choose another city or country and put in some carefully chosen search words (the name of a tattoo artist, for example, or a shop you already know or that you’ve heard of).